How It Works – Who We Are

INFINITY TRAFFIC BOOST (“ITB”) is The Global Bitcoin Accumulation and Advertising Community.

ITB is a Seven Year Old Bitcoin Traffic Exchange owned by a 15 year old, fully registered Australian company.

Our Goal is to provide top notch worldwide advertising while rewarding our members in Bitcoin for helping us grow the community.

IT’S A SIMPLE CONCEPT The Bigger Our Community Gets the Greater the Value and the Greater the Value, the Greater Your Advertising Reach and Income Potential.


1.  Purchase and use our advertising and share your product or service with our tens of thousands of community members in a variety of ways, and / or;

2.  Refer others to our community and you will earn Bitcoin when they purchase advertising credits (TPO’s), Mailer Upgrades or view traffic exchange pages.

DID YOU KNOW ⇒ That the ITB Admin earns as little as 9.5% from each sale and contributes 5%-40% of EVERY purchase to the Surfers Rewards Pool which helps EVERYONE get started in our system even if they don’t have the funds to purchase advertising.  Plus, ITB Admin contributes 5%-20% of each Mailer Upgrade sale to a Sales/Bonus Fund, to provide even more benefit to our leaders and builders.


TPOs (TrafficPackageOptions) – You can purchase visitors to your website or capture page via our Traffic Exchange for as little as 6,400 Satoshi, BTC 0.00006400 ($3.12) all the way up to BTC 0.06400000, 6,400,000 Satoshi ($3,123.45).

Each purchase generates a 30% – 80% (Yes, 80%) instant commission via our acclaimed Power11 Compensation Plan

The Power11 Compensation Plan can generate a nearly unstoppable Bitcoin income for you for years to come and reward you with Bitcoin commissions as large as BTC 0.05120000, 5,120,000 Satoshi ($2,234.56).

All you have to do is to kick it off with a few referrals of like minded people who want to earn unlimited Bitcoin to infinity depth and width and eventually generate a truly Unstoppable crypto based income. (It’s Wild!) while getting top notch advertising reach.

You can earn up to 80% Commissions – to infinity DEPTH and WIDTH on 11 different price points in this portion of our advertising and income system.

As You Climb the Income Staircase you can earn larger commissions and qualify for more sales by your team.

SURFERS REWARDS POOL –  a Step Stool to help people get nn the Income Staircase by surfing websites in our system

You can earn REAL Bitcoin by clicking on pages in our Traffic Exchange and by referring others to do the same. This is a great way to get started in our community with absolutely no money.

Remember, we are ANXIOUS to reward you for helping us to build our community, that’s what it’s all about and there are multiple ways for you to earn!

Click here for the full “How it Works” for all the details on the Traffic Exchange portion of our community and information about the lucrative Power11 Compensation Plan.

ITB MAILER – Is our new list mailer within the InfinityTrafficBoost Community and can be used by free members as a Credit Mailer or a List Mailer for paid members – mail to up to 3,000 members every three days.

It’s a very simple system with only TWO membership levels, free and paid. (Simple, right?)

LOCKEDIN COMPENSATION PLAN – Is the 10 Deep, Infinity Width compensation plan for ITB Mailer. This innovative system allows ALL List Mailer participants to earn Bitcoin down TEN Levels even as a free member. Yes, you are LOCKED IN to earning when you build your team. Never worry about being deleted or compressed out!

Click here for the full “How it Works” for all the details on the Mailer portion of our community and information about the lucrative LockedIN Compensation Plan.

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