How It Works – ITB Mailer

The ITB Mailer (“ITBM”)  is the Newest Addition to the Infinity Traffic Boost Bitcoin Accumulation and Advertising Community.

Bitcoin Accumulation, Bitcoin RESIDUAL Accumulation, is the Central Theme of ITBM.

And we do this by combining something that millions of marketers around the world NEED (Advertising) with something that Hundreds of Millions of people around the world WANT⇒  Bitcoin!

Detailed below are simple instructions on how to fully benefit from the value and leverage of the ITB Mailer. Before proceeding make sure you have read the “ITB Mailer Info Page” that has all the valuable details about how you CAN generate RESIDUAL Bitcoin Income while utilizing our powerful list mailer and credit mailer system.

Opt In

Upgrade (Optional)

Get (and Stay) Qualified

Use the Mailer

Automate Your Mailings (Optional Advanced)

NOTE: As you read through this information remember that, at our core we are an Advertising AND Bitcoin Residual Income Community. We have created simple steps for our members to follow to provide the best advertising value to each and every member – that’s YOU!


Participation in the Infinity Traffic Boost Mailer is completely optional. You can join and earn completely free. Of course, there are significant benefits to upgrading but only you know what is best for you.

To Opt In simple click on the “Edit Site Settings” in the upper right corner of your members area and click the “Enable” button. (NOTE: the default is Disabled, it’s important to edit your setting ASAP):

Click that enable and make sure to “Save Site Settings”


Our membership options are very simple, Free and Paid. Simple, right?

You can read about the specifics of the differences between the Paid and Free Memberships on the ITB Mailer Page, but these are the highlights:

Paid members can mail to more members more frequently and can mail to Paid Members, Free Members mail only to free members.

Free members earn commissions at about ⅓ the rate of the paid members.

Better yet, we are currently offering extra benefits to the first 1,000 members who upgrade and these benefits will never be available in this form again, ever.

LIFETIME Membership – A lifetime membership of 400,000 Satoshi, BTC 0.00400000 ($180), is just that. LIFETIME. You will never pay again and you will earn full commissions for life* and be able to mail to up to 3,000 members (both free and paid) every three days for LIFE!

Click here to go to the ITB Mailer Page for details on how to purchase the Lifetime membership before they are gone forever.

EXTENDED Annual Membership – This is an extended AND discounted membership. The pricing is 100,000 Satoshi, BTC 0.00100000 ($42) which is half of the regular membership price after the first (total) 1,000 paid memberships. And, your one year renewal date doesn’t occur until one year after we sell the 1,000th paid membership so there is no reason to wait!

Click here to go to the ITB Mailer Page for details on how to purchase the Extended Annual membership before they are gone.

EXTENDED Monthly Membership – The monthly pricing for the monthly membership is 25,000 Satoshi, BTC 0.00025000 ($11). When you subscribe as a monthly member your first renewal payment doesn’t occur until one month after we sell the 1,000th paid membership. Again, no reason to wait, right? Might as well grab what is, in essence, a no cost paid membership until we sell the 1,000th paid membership!

Click here to go to the ITB Mailer Page for details on how to purchase the monthly extended membership and benefit from some extra paid membership time!

IMPORTANT ⇒ Remember you can remain a free member if that is what is right for you and we will provide you top notch advertising AND pay you for referring others into the community. If you help us build we will pay you, period (and thank you!).

GET (and STAY) Qualified

As noted above, we are, at our core, an advertising community and, as such, we have created some simple rules to help create better advertising value for you and the entire community.

With greater value we can all make more sales and, in turn earn more commissions, right?

So, with that being said we have simple requirements to continue to earn full commission for your membership level…

Paid members must view one ad every fifteen (15) days.

Free members must view one ad every five (5) days.

Members that read ads as such are considered Read Boost Activated (“RBA”) and you can always see your RBA status on your dashboard:

Paid Members who are not Read Boost Activated will earn at the Free Member commission schedule and Free Members who are not Read Boost Activated will not be able to earn.

NOTE: Both Free and Paid members must view ads to send emails so if you are using the system regularly you will quite probably never have to worry about your Read Boost Activation status (but always check your status on your dashboard to be sure!).


Paid Members are able to send up to 3,000 members (Paid and Free) every three days. In order to assure high quality advertising we require that paid members view five emails (this is called earning click credits) in order to send their 3,000 emails.

Paid members are able to “bank” up to 200 click credits by viewing emails.

Free Members must view and click emails in order to earn mailing redits to send emails. Free Members earn 20 click credits per email read (and clicked) and send a maximum of 1,000 emails (to Free Members Only) every 7 days.

Free members are able to “Bank” up to 2,000 mail credits by viewing emails.

Of course you can always check your dashboard for your current mailing status…


Our sister site, TrafficZipper, allows you to completely automate your email sending for ITB Mailer and about two dozen more top notch List Mailers in the industry.

Using TrafficZipper can greatly enhance your productivity and, ultimately, your list building and income!

In fact, our lifetime upgraded members receive up to a 52% discount when joining and upgrading at TrafficZipper.

You can get more details on the ITB Mailer page.

And, to join TrafficZipper click here to join through the link of your nearest upline member who is an affiliate of TZ. (HINT: Once you have joined TZ make sure to edit your referral link in the downline builder so your team follows you into TZ should they so desire.

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