Earn in Bitcoin, Get Paid in Crypto

This is Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark and we are thrilled to introduce our brand new Bitcoin List Mailer that has been added to the Infinity  Traffic Boost Community.

Infinity Traffic Boost, the World’s Largest Bitcoin Traffic Exchange, has now launched a Bitcoin List Mailer!

ITB Mailer will pay you TEN LEVELS deep which will allow you to earn Leveraged Bitcoin from your upgraded team every single month!

ALERT! ⇒ The ITB Mailer LockedIN Compensation Plan allows you to build before you buy.


It is our goal to help MILLIONS of people around the world build a Bitcoin Residual Income with the option to start absolutely FREE!

In fact, our simple system can position you to earn nearly 1 FULL BITCOIN Each and Every Month (We are SERIOUS!)

This is an absolutely game changer in the Bitcoin Economy and our philosophy is simple – keep growing by offering more value and more income over and over again.

The Bigger Our Community Gets the Greater the Value and the Greater the Value, the Greater Your Advertising Reach and Income Potential.

Register NOW at absolutely no cost and get all the details inside. And, if you are already a member of InfinityTrafficBoost log in right away to get all the details.

Just click on the ITB Mailer image on your ITB Dashboard for all the overview and deep dive info AND to review your upgrade options:

ITB Mailer has a Total of 1,000 Pre-Launch discounted memberships available including a LIFETIME membership option that will never, EVER be offered again.

A Lifetime Membership (400,000 sats – .004BTC – $180USD) will allow you to mail up to 3,000 members every three days for LIFE and earn full commissions down TEN levels. Never. Ever. Pay. Again!

This Lifetime option will never be offered again.

You can alternatively grab a One Year Extended membership at 50% off for only 100,000 sats ( .001 BTC – $45) that can renew at that discounted price for life.

IMPORTANT ⇒ There are only a total of 1,000 Memberships Available at Pre-Launch Prices. TOTAL!


We are paying out .05 BTC ($2,250) to our top three sales affiliates and three random members during the Pre-Launch (1,000 Pre-Launch Purchases)

Make sure to get all the details on the ITB Mailer page inside!

NOTE: And this is really fun ⇒ We will always, ALWAYS have an active contest even after the conclusion of the Pre-Launch Sales Contest. At InfinityTrafficBoost there is always something for everyone!


Then click the “ITB Mailer” Image on your Dashboard for all the details

You’ll find a short and long explanation video, written instructions and, of course, links to join our Private Telegram and Facebook Groups where you can interact with other members and Frank and Clint about ITB and ITB Mailer.

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